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Susan, I cannot give legal advice in any other state but Pennsylvania, let alone another country

I can suggest a few things to think about.

First: is this daughter your only child? Do you have any other heirs/children who might feel jealous/hurt if you put money into this daughter's home?

Second: what if your daughter dies before you do and her husband remarries? What if your daughter and her husband divorce?

Please do NOT say that would never happen. I have done so many of these and I would say in about 20% something along those lines happens. You need to protect yourself, your estate and whatever you would want to go to your daughter, any other children you may have and their children and not to anyone else.

What if YOU remarry? What about gift taxes in Canada? Would you be making them a taxable gift under Canadian law?

Before you even consider such a move, I think you need the advice of a lawyer knowledgeable in the laws of Canada and the province in which you reside.
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