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I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation! I had carbs at each meal... carbs I haven't really touched in a while. But when you're eating at a wonderful buffet breakfast and they have french toast bread pudding with pecan praline sauce, how can you possibly pass that up?

I will say I was very controlled with my carbs. I had half a roll at one meal... a small piece of banana bread another time... ice cream for one snack, but picked the no sugar added type and only one scoop. Even that bread pudding - I only had a spoonful, and I put just a taste of that praline sauce on some of it. I did have an incredible sandwich for one meal, with most of the bread! It was ham and cheese like no other - cheese oozing out of it, and more on top... dripping out the sides... slightly browned... oh my! So good! But I also tried white kidney bean extract with each meal with carbs. Normally a vacation with carbs (and achy muscles from lots of walking), I'd easily come back having gained a good 5-8 pounds, so I was ready to see that. I think the white kidney bean extract might have helped, along with the fact that I really didn't go carb-crazy.

I was up 1.7 pounds after vacation, and it was completely gone after my "steak day" DD I did as soon as I returned home... right to the tenth of a pound! Exactly 1.7 lbs GONE OVERNIGHT!

So I'm getting back on track now! UD yesterday, gained a few tenths... DD today... hopefully down at least those few tenths or a little more tomorrow.
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