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Originally Posted by IThinkICan View Post
I'm trying to plan for a family trip Mon/Tues, knowing Tues must be an UD and Mon can't be a DD. Today was a DD. Am I better off replacing a DD with a MD (DD-UD-MD-UD), or slowly increasing calories up to two UDs in a row (DD-MD-UD-UD)?
Your problem is that you are having to alter two side-by-side days rather than one, and you have started to make the alterations late.

Ideally you would have Sunday DD, Monday MD, and Tuesday UD... which means that today (Saturday) should be an UD... to lead into tomorrow being the DD.

But since you said today was a DD instead, I'd have my UD tomorrow, a MD on Monday, an UD on Tuesday, and then another DD on Wednesday.

The earlier you know you are going to need a very particular calorie level for upcoming days, the better, because it allows you to make various alterations to your schedule in order to fit everything in, in the best possible rotation, both for filling your appetite and for continuing your weight loss progress.
Best wishes, Pat
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