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Ok, I'm intrigued

Spent several hours reading here last night, and I think I'm going to give this a shot for a couple weeks at least.

A little about me. I'm Tina, 46, mom to 4, wife to 1 (for 21 years). I homeschool my kids (thus the userid). The oldest is 18 and graduated, just finished his first semester of college, then I've got 16yo boy, 14 yo girl and 5 yo girl. We live on a farm where we raise grass-fed beef, Red Angus breeding stock, and chickens for our own consumption (meat and eggs).

I'm actually pretty close to goal weight, but stuck trying to get rid of those last 2-4 pounds. I pretty much follow a paleo/primal woe, even though when I started it, I'd never heard of either. I read "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and decided I needed to get grains, sugar and starchy veggies out of my diet (had issues with gestational diabetes with my last baby and that can set you up for type 2 later on). I am/was a serious carb addict. In Aug, I started seeing a naturopath for some other health issues and was diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion. Part of my treatment plan includes strict blood sugar management, so the primal woe really helps me with that.

Anyway, I'm 132 right now (5'4"), and would like to be 130 (actually, I'd like my range to fluctuate 128-132, so I need to lose to 128 to make that happen). I started out a tight size 10, and am now a comfortable 8, with a few 6's every now and then.

I think I typically take in about 1200-1400 calories a day, and while I lost easily at first, the last 5 pounds have been hard fought for. I came up with 1543/430 on the calculator. It was weird eating more at breakfast this morning. But I also realized it doesn't take a lot of food to get those 300 or so extra calories to get me from where I was to what I need for an UD.

I need to fast for some blood work next Wed, so I'm making this an UD, so I can have that one a DD. I think I'll do ok with the DD, because I've already got my cravings and hunger in control with eating paleo for so long.

I know there are lc'ers here, but wondering if anyone else is following primal/paleo specifically, with JUDDD?

Any tips or hints you have to share to get me off on the right foot would be appreciated. Thanks and look forward to getting to know you.

Tina (need to still work on a signature)
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