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ok, as soon as i read this recipe it reminded of these sinful carb filled bars i used to make.

the crust was oatmeal, flour, and butter. baked it....let it cool...add PB to a can of sweeten condensed milk...spread that over the crust...put m & m's and choc chips on top of that, then top it all with a light dusting of some leftover crust mixture. then bake.

so this is very similar to that HC version.

i just made some using all almond flour for the crust. i added a little pb to the scm (will use more pb next time)...sprinkled with lc choc chips and chopped walnuts. i then sprinkled the top with more of the almond flour/butter mixture....pressed it down a little and baked. just took them out of the oven so haven't tried them yet. they look yummmmy!
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