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Patlaf, I may be leaving the country to avoid the wrath of the low carbers, but trust me, England is not a safe place to visit carb-wise. If you think that Americans are bad when it comes to sweets, you ought to see the British! I was awed by the array of cheap, sugary pastries in the grocery stores there. There were several aisles devoted just to stuff like pastries, donuts and all kinds of mysterious snacks similar to our Hostess Twinkies and such. Luckily that kind of stuff doesn't tempt me, but they have this caramel shortbread over there that is to die for and the chocolates are amazing. I will be eating mostly low carb for my meals, but I will be indulging in a fair amount of chocolate. In fact, we're taking a day trip over to Bruges in Belgium for, you'll never guess, the Belgian chocolate! Most of what I buy will be for gifts for my family and friends, but I do plan to enjoy myself, within reason.
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