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Originally Posted by Aleina View Post
Mexican traditional sweets are cloyingly sweet and have not had that effect in decades. By rights Mexicans should have been fat before US americans if homemade sweets were culprits per se but they were not.
Liz,I also see the 70s as a turning point.

That's something I remember from reading about the "bliss point". If a product was in the too sweet range the testers wouldn't eat as much, same as not being sweet enough. The same holds true with salt and fat.

The bliss point is more accurately called a "bliss range" and millions of dollars and thousands of taste tests are done to find the exact combination of sugar, salt and/or fat that falls in that range to get the consumer to eat as much as possible. Food manufacturers find that range and then find the perfect combo of ingredients with the least cost for the highest profits. The profits made by adjusting the amount of ingredients in Dr. Pepper syrup to the lower end of the range is mind boggling.

In the book Sugar, Salt and Fat one ex-food scientist made the comment that he felt sorry for the public.
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