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this is a long video but a really good watch!
I've heard that MSG stimulates hunger, "omigod, Chinese food effect!" style, but really, refined carbs do that too, if you're metabolically damaged, like... say... orange chicken breading, sauce, and noodles. So I try to take it with a grain of salt (HA!), but in this video he talks about the flop that was "new coke". lots of salt makes you thirsty and keeps you drinking, but you need lots of sugar to hide the salt taste. plus the original gatorade was salty and gross, so they pumped a bunch of sugar and flavorings into it, but hardly anyone outside of intense athletes NEEDS that much salt, so it's the same cycle.

I also recently read an article ...I think in Psychology Today, about people buying pet food that sounds good to THEM, not what would be good for their pets, and in the article they drew a parallel with frozen meals, where the actual "food" material (in both dry pet foods and in our frozen meals O_o) is absolutely flavorless, until they spray it with something that adds a flavor. it's the only way to keep the food looking pretty and lasting long enough on the shelves. so yea i'd say there's a LOT of sneaky research that goes on with processed food companies.
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