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Is this true about processed foods.....

I have read a few times that some processed foods are addictive and it is because the companies that make them know the right combination of fat/sugar/salt etc. to put in them so that people keep eating them and therefore keep buying them. It is done to make more money. I am wondering if this is really true. Does this mean for some people that food can act like a drug? And not only can you want more and more of it if it has the right combination of sugar/fat/salt, but could you also get withdrawal like symptoms such as intense cravings. I also notice that certain foods with myself trigger binge episodes. And it is usually a sugar/fat or salt/fat combination. Is it possible that the particular "chemistry" of a food can trigger a brain response similar to what happens with certain drugs which makes them addictive for some people?

Any thoughts or opinions on this? Do you think its possible?
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