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Originally Posted by SlowSure View Post
I know you're posting your weigh-ins but do you have any additional comments about your PGX fibre expt., Christina? (Congratulations on your good blood work, by the way.)
Thanks! I'm glad you asked, because I was intending to update! Once I started taking the PGX daily, it seemed to help me on both down days and up days, but I had to take a break because I got a little, er, backed up (TMI) so I took a few days off. Kind of the opposite of what you would think would happen, but it's supposed to be really important to drink lots of water with it. I was taking it with about a pint of water, but maybe that was not enough? Anyway, I will probably start again soon and see if more water will avoid that problem. It hasn't seemed to have made a difference on the scale yet, but I've only taken it for half the week so that's not a good trial!
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