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Thank you all for your kind words. I think a lot of us go through these same things and we just do not see it, because the threads on Main Board tend to concentrate on the quick fixes ... and we do not share the longterm struggles that are never solved with those quick fixes ...

Originally Posted by dlslds
i just love love LOVE the pic of you running!!!! its looks like you are laughing!!! wheeeeeeeeeee!
Yep! I am laughing! I realized a mile from the finishline that I was going to be unhappy with my time (trail races are much harder and different than road races), so I sprinted the last mile.

I was exhausted having just outrun a guy I had followed much of the race, through a muddy swamp, and my legs were soaking wet. I came out of the forest toward the finish line (that picture), and there was dh with a camera, and my two kids jumping up and down yelling "Go Mom Go!!!" It was surreal.

Originally Posted by gotogirl
When I was near goal, you wrote something that inspired me to start up the carb ladder. Amazingly, I began to lose again. I had been sticking to 20 carbs a day or less and was afraid to add carbs. Thank you so much for your help.
I am so glad it is working for you too!! Isn't it marvelous to be able to eat such variety and be unafraid to do what Dr. Atkins actually designed hius program to be like?! Wish I had gone up the Carb Ladder in 2004 ... but hey, I made it up there and that's all that matters now! I guess I needed to learn the lessons I did through that time of struggle.
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