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I'm looking forward to defining a sustainable approach for myself. I just thought of a great, accurate term: eating in excess (of plan).

I look forward to the upcoming year, to better understand how decisions at a meal reflect in the next day's ketone level and corresponding mental and physical feelings, and then how quickly to fully recover.

I look forward to others experiences in the upcoming months. What might be interesting to share: previous ketone rating, higher carb meal or day and subsequent day's blood rating and how long it takes to get back into full ketosis. I know all of our bodies are different, but it would be interesting to hear anecdotal experiences and get a better understanding of recovery time.

I don't anticipate eating in excess any time soon, but it might happen and I want to better understand the impact and the recovery. Ntombi, I like your planned approach, which shows that you're in control and it's not impulsive.
Don't worry about momentary cheats or stumbles, focus on succeeding in the long run. Always keep your eye on the target and if you stumble, get back up and stay in the race.

What we weigh is the result of a meal, a day, a week, a month, a year of choices...

Psssst...Nothing tastes as good as ketosis feels!
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