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I get a stomachache if I consume simple carbs. A small slice of birthday cake would definitely do that to me, though a few bites of tomato would not. I don't know about after being in ketosis for just a few weeks, but certainly after being on plan for months, yes. I know it doesn't happen to everyone, but it is my normal.

As for how I manage this long-term, I allow myself to eat up to one serving (a real serving, not a meal) of an off-plan food no more than three times per year, and it has to be planned. I don't always have all three, but three is the maximum of the deal I've made with myself. That's a good balance between indulging in a special restaurant or trip, and staying on course.

Last year, I chose to have a few bites (not even a full serving) twice, which was just how it worked out. So far this year, it's been once. It's never been enough to kick me out of ketosis, but if it does happen, it happens.
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