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Let's talk cheating...

I know, I know: don't do it!

But, life happens and if I don't allow a few cheats, especially for special occasions, I suspect I won't manage to stick to this diet....

I started both NK and going gluten-free not quite 3 weeks ago. I've been doing well. My carbs are higher than a lot of people I see on here, but I've lost 8 lbs and consistently have the ketosis symptoms I've read about.

My daughter's bday party was today and I indulged in a quarter slice of cake and some carrots and tomatoes. I ended up consuming about 52 total carbs for the day and maybe 40 net carbs. This is about 25% higher than my usual intake since starting NK. And my macros were bad, about 22% carbs. :/

Then, upon getting home, I got really ill. Could this be an outcome of my cheat? Would my body rebel after only being NK/gluten-free for 3 weeks? Or, maybe I just caught a stomach bug.

Thoughts? Has anyone else had an experience like this related to cheating on NK or a gluten-free diet?

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