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Good morning all...20 degrees cooler this morning than it's been, so it is definitely cooling off...come on May Gray!! Whatever I've done to the 'puter has cleared some of my problems but the added toolbars and popups are driving me if I wasn't crazy enough.

We decided not to go to the dinner last night...Tina, my friend and longtime cohort, wasn't too excited about it so neither was I'...I've know Tina for about 20 years now, she was also at Fort Irwin during my time there and then she was here at the BC (Broadcasting Center) when I came back...

Doris, I'm sure some of those numbers are bots as Linda suggested but I'm sure some are LCF's overseas...on the JUDDD board there are several from Europe and Australia who chime in occasionally. I wish some of their golden oldies would peep in here, too.

I've Nadine coming today to do some cleaning and maybe we'll get the dogs washed, too. My escape artist dog has found a new hole under the fence at the top of the hill. Yesterday I tried to close it up and had to sit down 'cause it's so steep and then "fanny bump" my way back down the's steep but only about 15 feet high. Dang! I hate this getting I'll have to ask N to put something there to block it.

Gotta go...get some laundry in before N gets here (held off during the heat wave)...BBL if I can. Have a great day!!!
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