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I am a newby so keep that in mind. I have lost down from 225 to 197 so I have had some success. Some things I have learned : write down everything you eat and drink on some kind of sheet everyday. I made a little form to track total calories, total carbs, net carbs, fiber, protein, fat and water. I find if I don't track everything I slip up and don't know why. I have read several places that our wight can vary as much as 4 lbs due to water retention. So don't panic. Track your wight loss and evaluate week by week. Some people don't have to go to the trouble of writing everything down and they lose weight without it. If I don't write it down and track it is when I slip up and my ketones drop and I don't know why. Be careful of too much protein and artificial sweeteners. The sugar free ketchup and sugar free pop and the sweet and low would kick me out of ketosis. It may not be a problem for you. Keep posting. There are great people here that can help you more than I can. Everyone here wants you to succeed. Hope this helps.
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