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Re: Combined or individual more important?

Originally posted by axela
I just got my numbers checked and I got very concerned:

HDL: 91
LDL: 154
Total: 245

The nurse told me this is WAY too high a total, but isn't that mostly because my HDL is almost double what is desired?

Please inform, thanks!
Yes, and that's why the total number is meaningless. The total over HDL ratio or the HDL over LDL ratio would be a better indicator. Also, as tiva indicated unless you know the composition of the LDL (i.e. fluffy or dense) having a high LDL doesn't mean anything. See below:

Doctors have determined that having the proper ratio between HDL and LDL is a more important predictor of health than the level of total cholesterol

This means that someone with a total cholesterol level of 220 mg/dl and a good HDL to LDL ratio is in better shape health-wise than someone with a 175 mg/dl cholesterol reading whose LDL level is too high compared to their HDL level.

The two cholesterol ratio standards accepted by most doctors and researchers today are:

1. Total cholesterol divided by HDL should be below 4; (yours is 2.79)

2. LDL divided by HDL should be below 3. (yours is 1.69)

There is almost universal agreement in the medical and scientific community that the further away your cholesterol ratios are from these standards the greater the risk of developing heart disease.
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