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Your numbers now are MUCH MUCH better than before. Congratulations! The slight increase in total cholesterol is meaningless (it's because your HDL increased, which is excellent news). Your HDL, at 85, is incredibly good, and that provides a lot of protection. Your triglycerides have gotten much better--under 100 is ideal, and it's great that yours have dropped to 75. What matter for heart disease risk is the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL--ideally, the best possible ratio is under 4.0, and yours is 3.25 which is spectacular. Before, your ratio was 5.2, which wasn't so hot. So now your numbers are excellent!

Here's how they got your numbers.

Total cholesterol is calculated:
Total=LDL + HDL + triglycerides/5
So your total went up only because your HDL went up.
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