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Originally Posted by Iwantlessofme View Post
Last (for now)...

This is how I made my hubby's lunch today.

First- Mozzerella stackers, each stacker is 1/2 ounce sliced mozzerella, mayo, tomatoe slice and 1/2 slice bacon, I put for of these in his lunch (he works long hours)

Second- Today's message spoon for his Jello. It say's "Thank you for all you do! I love you!" There is a spoon with each lunch and I put different sayings each day.

Third- His "fancy lunch" as he puts it. One BBQ pork chop, 4 mozzerella stackers, 2 ribs of celery sticks, 1 oz. creamy ceasar, one jello and one message spoon.

By the way I get his "fancy lunch" containers at Costco, each chicken ceasar salad you buy in there food court comes in one! They are heavy duty and can be used over and over again, just like tupperware.
Less of me---That is so awesome to send 'notes' for your hubby! I'm sure they are much appreciated. Love the pics....I sometimes get my containers from Costco too! Otherwise if I want some smaller for side salads, Smart and Final is a winner for the containers....I do have a question for you though....the container for you creamy caesar??? where did you find? and do you make your own caesar?? haven't been able to find a really good one...although I do LOVE the one from El Pollo Loco (creamy cilantro caesar)
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