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Wicked hormonal imbalance.. estrogen dominance

Hey, anyone dealing with estrogen dominance, either peri or post menopause? I posted in the thyroid forum looking for anyone who might be going through the same stuff. My thryoid seems to finally be properly medicated (according to labs) but I still have the raging symptoms of a sluggish thyroid.
After getting a copy of the labs from my PCM, i see that my estrogen is 3 times what it should be. In googling estrogen dominance symptoms, everything is dead on.

Im just wondering if anyone might be going through the same hell?
Its been 3 years for me in trying to get this diagnosed. Otherwise, im young and healthy. I have a GYN appt tomorrow for a pap (ugh) and exam. I see that sometimes estrogen dominance can be from ovarian cysts and I have had those off and on for 20 years.

Thanks in advance!
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