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Originally Posted by Flutter View Post
Ack!!!! Someone needs to roll me home! I am with slow on being waaaay over my usual uber low DD today!!
I loathe using up all of my calories on MCT oil and lecithin. It feels like the height of faddishness not to be eating 'real food'.

However, this has been a very tricky week in the UK with horrible fluctuations in barometric pressure and, bar Monday-which followed a weekend in which I hadn't been able to incorporate MCT oil-I haven't had a migraine or headache. I've had the occasional sequence of throbs, I've had my normal swelling of facial tissues etc. but no pain (I still have to be careful with bright light etc.).

It's possible that I've swapped migraines for so called silent migraines (usual migraine but no pain) but that still feels like progress. So, until the expt. runs for long enough to indicate otherwise, I shall stay in maintenance so that I have enough calories to continue the MCT oil etc.
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