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Leonak--set a maintenance range rather than a maintenance weight. It is completely unrealistic to expect to weigh in at the same weight every day, day after day. Too many things affect the scale that are NOT fat. How much sodium you ate one day, if you didn't drink enough so are a bit dehydrated and holding on to fluid, ovulation/menstruation, not enough sleep one night, a cold coming on, stress, etc, etc. Bouncing 2-4 pounds is simply something you need to expect.

So set a range of 113-116, or whatever you feel is reasonable for you. As long as you are in that, all is cool. If you start to creep up above it, it might be a fluke, or it might be time to give a look to what/how much you are eating. Get strict with rotations for a week and see if you settle back in.

It is amazing how much difference a couple pounds can make when you are thinner. At 124, my muffin top is gone and my tummy feels flat, at 125 I can see some muffin top returning, and at 126, I feel downright flabby. So 126 is the top of my range. If I hit it, I take stock and usually see I've been a little too fast and loose with the nibbles here and there. I found myself there a week or so ago. A week of good rotations and I'm comfortable at 124-125 again.

You are doing great maintaining your loss! Don't be so hard on yourself. Those daily fluctuations just happen. And since you can't change the fact that you are a girl, you are just going to have to allow yourself to accept them. (((hugs))) Maintenance is HARD!

But I can honestly say after being in maint for 5 mos now, it DOES get easier. I feel so much more relaxed about it now than I even did a month ago. Most days, I don't even track anymore. I log on a tracker one dd and 1 ud a week just as a spot check, but I have a pretty good feel for the foods I typically eat, how I feel fullness wise, and how many calories I've taken in. I finally feel I'm in a pretty good place mentally too.

So don't throw in the towel. Just be patient, and soon you will be able to trust your maintenance, that it isn't all going to just go away and the weight come piling back on.
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