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Originally Posted by leonak View Post
I am finding this all too hard

Back in June I was at 114, then by August it was 117!

Then on Sept. 7 it was 113.5, today it is 115!

I find the scale to be so depressing! I was feeling ever so fat one morning, then put on a pair of jeans I had not worn all summer and they fit so nice, even felt my flat tummy in them, but the scale numbers are still depressing for me!

Sure wish I was not such a whimp about the bounce

Any suggestions for me would be appreciated

Originally Posted by gotsomeold View Post
Since the numbers depress you (you skinny thing), stop looking at the numbers.

Really. Stop weighing.

Get a pair of pants, t-shirt, and shoes that fit exactly the way you want to be. Put them on daily. Don't actually wear them, that will stretch them. Just try them on daily. If they fit, then you are good to go. If they get tight it is time concentrate on your rotations.
Nancy--great post and sooooo true! I swear one day I will put this in my sig line...

"If I feel good in my clothes and like how I look in my clothes, do I really care what the scale says??" a reminder to myself to not live and die by that magic number someone else said would be perfect for me.

Truly, Leona, it is time to stop weighing so you can keep your sanity and be at peace with yourself and your body. HUGS to you!!

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