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First, I would never say this is how it's done....I just know it has worked for me.
When I decided to maintain for a while, I went to online calculators that give us daily calories according to our current weight.

Because they all differ some, I used 6 diff ones.Then took an average of the 6. I also always put "sedentary" to be extra "safe" and came up with roughly 1500 calories.

Knowing that a down day followed by an up day keeps our metabolism confused, and like Pat "So Happy" says, burning hotter, I figured out what those days needed to be to average my 1500 calories!

So, with my DDs set at about 800-900, and my UDs about 1850-1900, I easily maintained my weight because the average of my DD+UD divided by 2 is 1400 (or less depending on exact numbers) I also used a medium day on the weekend. Here is an example of a typical week.

T-1808-UD {Calories for the week:9,747 divided by 7 days= 1,392 calories!}

All I can say is that these numbers seemed heavenly to me after much lower numbers in WLM.......and I maintained easily for 5 months. My plan was to always to get back in WLM again, which I have just begun!

I will say that it's a little harder this time because my calories are lower than in WLM the 1st time, cause I'm 30 lbs. lighter!!! Plus, I got "spoiled" to those higher maintenance numbers!

Also want to add that I am one that feels the need to always "count" because I know how easily I would "let" my calories creep up along with the pounds!!! It is worth it to me and a very small price to pay.

Hopefully this makes sense to anyone interested in one happy happy JUDDD BUDD that experienced 5 months of maintenance and will look so forward to being there again soon!!!

Will also be exercising more and more to as my health all the better for WLM or MAINTENANCE!!!!!!

Love you all!!Phyl
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