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Slow start?

Hey all -
Today is day 14 and this morning I was down 1.5 lbs from my start weight. The 3 lb loss in my stats is from a week ago. Scale is bouncing, bouncing, bouncing.
Slow weight loss is not at all unusual for me. I'm not finding this hard. I've had 14 good days of good rotations in a row. Under 500 each DD and while I'm not counting UD I am not overeating, either. Yes, of course I could count up days and go lower on DD's, but my initial goal was just to get into a good rotation for the first month.
Anyway, was wondering if a slow start has been anyone else's experience?
I started taking pterostilbene a week ago.
I'm still undermedicated for my thyroid. My dr. will increase meds but she does it veeeerrrrrryyyyy slowly.
I guess my point is that I'm not looking for tweaking suggestions...yet. Just to know if my slow start experience is shared? Could it have something to do with the 2-weeks-to-SIRT1 activation?
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