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The reason I ask is because I think athletes have a tougher time with the transition to becoming "fat adapted." My sister started at the same time as myself and she is basically 5lbs away from goal and will be going on maintenance. She is eating way more carbs than I and is doing fine still losing. I on the other hand have really been struggling. I think athletes who have traditionally functioned on a high carb diet, have done a good job of training their body to use glucose as fuel. I found that when I decreased my carbs and protein to almost nothing and bumped up the fat and until basically I was eating all fat at my maintenance intake, I noticed that it seemed easier. I experienced less hypoglycemia and less hunger. I am not testing my ketones, more so doing it by feel. And it is almost like when my body is forced to use fat, then it does. But any traces of any other fuel and forget it, it starts asking for more glucose-based fuel sources.

Yes let me know how it goes, I am curious what you find.
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