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Originally Posted by Punkin View Post
I spent some time on your blog, it looks like you started it just a couple of weeks before me. Have you tried this strategy: reducing your protein and carbs, and upping your fats to reach your maintenance calorie intake, to improve your ketone levels?
That's what I've been trying to work on lately...

Dr. Georgia Ede is doing the same experiment and she's getting ketones in the 3-4.0 mmol range while eating around 50 gm of proteins..

since I weight more than her and have more muscle mass, and am pretty active I'm hesitant to get it that low... so I'm trying it out for a few days at around 80-90 grms of protein.

i screwed up a bit yesterday and ate 100 gm... my ketones this AM were 0.7

today as of this moment, my protein count is at 74 gm... so I'll see what happens tomorrow morning! will keep you updated.
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