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Originally Posted by Punkin View Post
Thanks MerryKate. I'm a bit confused though because if you only ate 1/4 cup of berries each day, that might be 16cal. You still need more than 16 cal a day, wouldn't your body just get the rest of its calories from fat. Including your fat stores, why would your blood ketones go to 0.
If you were eating only 16 cal a day, you would stay in ketosis, at least until you fat stores were depleted.

I am unclear as to why our bodies have these two modes. But I get the sense that maybe paleo humans would have tended to spend a fair amount of time in ketosis. Hammering your body with so much carbohydrate intake, permanently would not have been possible until modern times.

So maybe people who eat the Standard American Diet are just in this bizarre metabolic state. They just never go into ketosis for years on end -- for their entire lives. Might explain by the adjustment to a state of ketosis can be so difficult initially and so easy to "fall out of". Your body has been trained for years or decades to expect that 400 g of carbs/day that the USDA recommends. So even after months in ketosis it is ready to switch modes in an instant back to the one it knows and loves.

Of course this is just speculation on my part...

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