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Originally Posted by Punkin View Post
What does it mean when someone says they are knocked out of ketosis after eating something. I am assuming that when you eat a meal of food there is a rise in insulin because your body is receiving food, and the insulin's job is encourage uptake of those nutrients by body cells. So would it not make sense that ketosis would stop temporarily after a meal?
From what I know, ketosis doesn't stop at meals - it's an ongoing process in which your body has adapted to using fat for fuel. It will always use carbs first, so if you eat something sugary, your body will burn through the sugar, and then go back to fat-burning as long as you don't keep eating high carb. If you do keep eating the carbs long-term, your body will store whatever fat you're eating and use the carbs for fuel instead, and ketosis will be over.

The comments about something knocking a person out of ketosis are a result of individual testing. For example, fruit is out for me - every time I eat it, my ketones go down. An occasional treat is okay, but if I have berries every day, my blood ketones will go to zero and my weight loss grinds to a halt, even if I'm doing everything else right. Not every body has that response, which is why it's important for each of us to test our blood ketones and get an idea of what works.
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