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WOE: Atkins (The New Diet Revolution) on Induction
Start Date: 12/2/2013
Originally Posted by hippiegirl View Post
By George, I think he's got it! I'm glad that made it click for you.
HAHA!!!! Awesome!

It's a great feeling when something that has bothered you finally clicks!

Yeah, I've been doing the whole measuring using the cup for a while now, but when Dottie replied I thought she meant do all of it in the scale so that is when send me down crazy ville lmao so basically I drove myself nuts haha.

Atkins has really changed my life in terms of health and just feeling better and I never want to return to the way I used to look or my old habits which makes me just want to do it correct. So I tend to overthink sometimes

The only real problem for me with Atkins is time to cook (I have 3 jobs) and so most of the stuff I eat on Atkins induction has to be fast stuff I can just grab or quickly cut up and take with me. Ala the salad, green peppers and so on.

I know for proper health though I need to start trying some of the other vegetables too

Thanks again and Atkins Rules


Btw, I've lost over 55 pounds during long term induction. I feel amazing, look better than ever and I just need to lose 55 more pounds to reach my goal of 140. Oh and the cool part about Atkins is when I fell off the wagon for about 2 weeks a few months ago I never actually gained any real weight back. I stayed right around my weight I was when I feel off the wagon. So when I jumped right back on it was business as usually. The cravings were the hardest part

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