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JUDDD and Ghrelin

Was just reading an interesting scientific article that I thought you JUDDDers might be interested in:

So, Ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates the feeling of hunger (its opposite is the Leptin hormone, which stimulates the feeling of satiety). Oftentimes, ghrelin can become so strong at points in time (we feel ravenously hungry), that it seems impossible to make it through a down day.

In the study I read (of course it was on mice!), they tested the effect of different fats on the production of ghrelin:

fish oil
olive oil
soy oil

1. Apparently, the intake of fish oil and olive oil significantly decrease the amount of ghrelin being produced! (Soy and butter not so much)

I apologize, I haven't read all the threads here. But, has anyone ever tried a tablespoon of fish oil or olive oil when the hunger feeling was super intense?? Did it help??

2. Also, there are also many studies pointing to the connection between casein and the reduction of ghrelin (hence, why dairy products are often cited as good dietary aids). Your best bet in this regarding (lowest insulin producing effect) is a quality, old, hard cheese.

Has anyone been carefully ingesting small portions of cheese on down days?

3. Finally, does anyone time how long their hunger pangs usually last before subsiding? Does this time period become shorter or longer after a period of time on the JUDDD diet??

What methods do you use to distract yourself from the hunger feeling until it goes away?

4. About me: one time I used IF, but didn't do it correctly. I didn't eat nearly enough. However, I've always absolutely loved the feeling and intense concentration. Lately, despite basically maintaining a normal weight, I've been feeling "overfed"...... so I've been looking into safe, intelligent fasting methods. I love reading everyone's stories!
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