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Originally Posted by MerryKate View Post
Salted butter in coffee? Ooh, no thank you - I'll stick to the unsalted. Drinking bulletproof coffee has turned me into a connoisseur of butters - I'm up to the organic, cultured butter now. It really does tastes better, but it's not cheap. I try to stick to one cup a day, plus an additional cup with hwc (2 TB at a time). I know Dr. Atkins recommended not having more than 4 TB of heavy cream in a day, but I don't know if that applies with NK. Anyone have an idea?
I eat more than 4 TB of cream a day, and it does not hurt me. I don't eat the quantity of vegetables that Atkins recommends, though, so may it have to do with having too many carbs at one time.
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