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Originally Posted by svenskamae View Post
I'm about 3 weeks into JUDDD, still finding the down days challenging but getting easier.

Based on experimentation, it seems easiest for me to have coffee with a little cream on DD and then wait to eat until 4-5 pm. Eating more, such as a couple of boiled eggs, early on doesn't actually prevent mid-day/early afternoon hunger for me, so I might as well save my calories (I'm aiming for 300-500 on DD, but sometimes go a bit higher) until dinner time, when i'm really hungry. Does that match anyone else's experience?

I sometimes eat less than the JUDDD calculator suggests for my up days--I hate getting into the habit of eating when I'm not hungry, since I've been working against that habit for the past year. I figure that as long as I'm getting more than 1000 more calories on my up days than on my down days, it will maybe be okay. Does that sound reasonable? I know we all have to see what works for us as individuals, but I'm curious about whether others are also frequently eating under the calculator-specified number of calories on their up days.

Thanks for the advice. This board is certainly very supportive and helpful.
Some do fine eating less than the calculator gives. I slow down or stall if I don't get close to my UD calories. If you're having a hard time getting close and want to try it for a while, adding highly caloric foods seems to work without making one feel overstuffed. Think higher fat meats, add butter to your veggies, choose items like nuts, avocados, nut butters, etc. I often make up whatever I'm lacking in . . . wine! I can do some caloric damage with wine.

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