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Hello! My name is Teri and I started following Atkins 12 days ago. I have not lost any weight and I'm looking for advice as to why...I will give a brief overview of what I've been doing and will be happy to answer any other questions to try to help me figure this thing out!
I am trying to lose 15 pounds. I have been in ketosis (2nd to the darkest on the stick) for about 6 days. The only type of "cheating" I have done is that during the first week I had two vodka and crystal light drinks per night. I have stopped drinking all alcohol and caffeine but have still not lost any weight! My diet has consisted of meat, eggs, cheese, low carb vegies, and other induction safe foods. I have gone through the "fog" of the first few days, but I'm now feeling fine. I am not near as hungry as I was before the diet, and am doing cardio 4 times a week. Everything seems to be going as it should according to what I have read except for the LOSING WEIGHT PART!! Does anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks in advance!!!

P.S. If I have not posted in the right place please feel free to redirect me! I am trying to lose this weight before the Holidays and need all the help I can get!
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