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Originally Posted by Jaded62 View Post
IF you are seeing a loss eating this cereal and it doesn`t bother you, then eat your cereal. Most people on this board will NOT eat cereal. We are on a low carb diet. So, it is a no no. IF it doesn`t bother you,Go for it.
Shame on me for eating cereal. Thank you Jaded62 for telling me the glass is half full. I eat this cereal with a little water mixed with half and half. I also use a little splenda so I can taste it. I eat enough cardboard. I also like it soggy. Are you guys officially grossed out? I measure the serving and stay strict. For a guy thats lost more than 70lbs I really don't stay strict on low carbing. The gym 3 to four times a week probably helps though.
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