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well im pretty short and use to weigh 187 pound so i was definately overweight. i lost 66 pound just from eating healthy but have put on a further 26 pound. i know im not 'fat' but im not at my comfortable weight. i get a hard time from bigger woman who get quite mad when they hear about me dieting but i just tell them that i have been big before, i worked hard to lose it and i dont want to go back! anyway i want to lose 22 pound so i started the induction step today. i never take afternoon naps and i slept 3 times today! usually when i take an afternoon nap i cant sleep at night but right now i feel like i could sleep for a week! i think this diet will be good for me because i dont have alot to lose and as far as im aware its a pretty quick fix? going to get some ketone sticks tomorrow just for that extra boost of motivation! it has been so good reading all these posts, hearing about other peoples symptoms and what not. i feel like im in a ketosis club now! hehe i have one question though. i ate ALOT of meat today but little to no carbs and ALOT of fat. is there anything i should be eating more or less of?
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