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today is my last day of induction. I am moving on to OWL tomorrow as recommended in DANDR.
I also ate A LOT the first few days. Pretty much stuffing my face all day long with eggs and meat and cheese. I think it is helpful to do that because if you are full on induction-friendly food, you are less likely to eat off-plan and give up during those rough first couple of days. By day 5 or so, you will have no appetite to eat.
I had two major transgressions for religious purposes (ate two very thin slices of apple with a very small amt of honey and drank a glass of red wine on Rosh Hashana). :blush: Now that I am confessing to everything, I also overdid it on the salad vegetables at times. :blush:
I kept checking the ketostix at least once a day and that was very helpful and motivated me to keep going. I never got beyond moderate and was usually in the mild ketone range. I took vitamins and fish oil every other day and walked a lot and drank H2O whenever I was thirsty (which was pretty much all day long). I also gave up caffeinated coffee, which is wonderful.
After 13 days, I have lost 10.5 lbs total and can finally fit into my usual jeans. Given that I have 20 more lbs to go, I am very pleased with the results. I plan to slow things down though and move on to OWL.
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