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Originally Posted by SuzanneM View Post
I've been there and I totally get it I can go a whole week before with out of control binging - and totally justify it knowing I'm pms'ing. I then spend the next 2 -3 weeks undoing the damage diet wise, for it all to start all over again
High Fat/ Low carb, has really helped me, sugar is literally a gateway drug for me and I'm an emotional/hormonal mess with the sugar highs and lows.
I've gotten a grip on it in the past year and have lost 20lbs, lots of stops and starts along the way, but I have gone a few cycles with no binging eating this way, which I consider a huge success.
Not sure what your woe is, but for me cutting out the carbs, including sugar, helped tremendously.
Suzanne, thank you!. You described the exactly to the T! I know that I can't cave with that first bite of carbs during PMS. I am in this horrible place right now and I am struggling big time I am going to increase may fats even further with SLD (Shangri-La diet), I have done it before and it worked beautifully.
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