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I am the classic yo-yo dieter, up and down in weight for almost 30 years. I read all the comments above, and think each time, yeah, that's it. Honestly though when I think about it, when I am in my groove of losing weight, I basically have no uncontrolable cravings, because I just tell myself I can't have those things...they're off bounds. Then when I lose enough weight to reach the "normal weight" for my size, I start to feel the binging urge. It seems like with me, it's not so much eating for emotions, but not being able to learn how to control when, and how much I eat without a rigid eating plan. I am trying to learn how to eat only when I'm truly hungry, and then only until I'm not hungry anymore, but it's really hard. So why would it be that I mostly have emotional/hormonal (or whatever) eating issues when I'm not on a more rigid eating plan?

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