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Originally Posted by Leo41 View Post

I am fortunately well past TOM now, but I'm afraid that I have nothing helpful to offer. My raging hunger was usually just 24-36 hours before TOM arrived, but during that time, my appetite not only raged--it was insatiable. No matter what I ate, I was always hungry.

Once I realized that it was all hormonal, it really didn't help much because I continued to binge to try to satisfy that hunger. I think that it was just a few times that I managed to 'white-knuckle' through those hours, but most of the time, I ate constantly--and then did damage control later.

You have my sympathy because only someone who has experienced this hormonal problem can appreciate how difficult it is to resist eating. At the time, any doctor I asked about it just trivialized my experience as something 'natural' that I'd have to endure. I had hoped that there was something I could take to eliminate the cravings. Have you had any success with medical help?
Thanks for your reply Leo. I have tried so many different things to control it and yet I lose my control every time No, seriously is not fun and I realize it is not as severe for every women out there. You really have to experience it to understand how severe that is. I wish it was confined to 24-36 hrs but it is usually few days for me. I am bottomless pit and I get this "don't care" attitude. No help from docs.
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