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Originally Posted by Janknitz View Post
I'm at 60 lbs lost now, but my size hasn't changed a whole lot at the waist. But my. Daughter just made me buy something 2 sizes smaller than usual -- guess I prefer things baggy rather than tight.
I am w you on the baggy fit. No matter how big or small I am, I don't like tailored or form fitting clothes. And when I notice someone else's clothes, they're usually loose and drapey. At 170 pounds I am really rockin' my 3X tops! lol

So I have just gotten to a 40 pound loss and feel like I need some new stuff bc my old pants are falling off. It's nice timing bc of the change in weather. It would be great if whatever I buy in the fall would fit me at goal. What I get for this summer probably won't, though, so I'm going to try not to go overboard. I got several tank tops at thrift stores last week that I'm loving and ill probably get a couple of pairs of cropped pants. I'm planning on Ewing some elastic to the waistbands of my workout pants. And I've got several items from last time I got to this weight. I'm actually like two pounds lower than I've been since probably 2001, though, so I don't have anything smaller than this.
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