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I highly recommend buying clothes as you lose weight, because then you look so much better and it's even more reinforcement to keep losing weight.

A few tops/pants in the right size can make a big difference. But, what makes the biggest difference - the right bra and underwear. You feel so much more confident with a good fitting bra with the right amount of support and it makes you look thinner and more put together instantly. And new panties make everyone feel better plus they are fairly cheap to replace.

I didn't buy a lot of clothes during weight loss because I still had my going up/getting fat clothes so I used those sizes in reverse. But, I was buying undergarments all the time. Bras especially need to replaced because they wear out and then give you no support so you look bad and feel bad. Plus, without proper support you are more likely to get the rocks in tube socks scenario later on in life.

If you shop sales, use store coupons (this is where having store cards comes in handy), and dont buy too much you should be able to have clothes for every size without spending too much.

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