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I'm with llisarray. It depends where my head is. A pre planned indulgence with parameters works better. When we road tripped a few weeks ago, we stopped at KFC. I knew I was likely going to have one meal off plan. I also told myself no grains / gluten. Usually when we road trip I have iced Capp and tons of timbits and go to the grocery and stock up on every American junk food I can find. This time, I got nothing except my LC wish list. I let the kids choose one goodie each.

As for KFC? I got 2 pcs of cheesecake and a diet pop. Ditched the crust. Delicious . I had a few almonds when we got back in the car, and have been 100% on plan since even with that cheesecake, my carbs were still under 50 for the day and instead of being an ostrich I actually looked up the counts n logged my lunch in the app I use
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