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I do low-carb primal JUDDD.*

One of the things I like best about this way of eating is how easy it is to get back on plan.

When I first started eating low-carb several years ago, I was impressed at how much better and different I felt. Primal just upped those feelings. BUT...

I still went off plan occasionally, and had a hard time getting back on plan. Sometimes for days, sometimes MONTHS!

JUDDD has completely changed that. (I hope- 5 months in, and it FEELS very different.) I think, because, in a way, you are going off plan every other day. Now, when I eat something I shouldn't, I have no problems getting right back with it. I am even able to talk myself out of 'treats' much more often than I used to.

I have gone off plan in two ways over the past months: eating way more than I should, but of 'good' food, and eating 'bad' food, that isn't good for my body.

With both incidences, I am able to just swing back into the plan with my next Down Day. Often, I am even looking forward to the Down Day- it does not seem like a 'punishment', just a natural and welcome reaction.

I LOVE it. I feel so in control. And...I'm losing weight. More than I ever have before. It feels as though I can ride this train to the end. I am not regarding my weight loss as a fluke any more. It feels REAL!

*JUDDD- Alternate Day 'Fasting', with one day of high calories, one day of very low or no calories, alternated.
*Primal- lots of details, but essentially: NO GRAINS.
*Low-carb for me means fewer than 100grams of carbohydrate per day.
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