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I agree, it's really scary. Have you run into Cora on any of the kidney or diabetes forums? She has type I and developed ckd back in the 80s, I think, or even a little earlier. She's had a kidney transplant (or maybe even two, can't remember) and has a new pancreas as well, so she's no longer diabetic. But she is a very comforting person to "talk" to online. She's been through it all and she's okay, yk? Before I found her, I felt like ckd was pretty much a death sentence, but she makes it out to be not *so* bad.

Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and start a support thread and I'll put a link to it in my sig... We can share our information and hopefully feel a little better informed. Right now, I feel like none of us have a clue! lol Maybe rouxroux knows more and we can get her to join. I can't tell if any of the other posters in this thread actually have ckd.
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