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Originally Posted by nolcjunk View Post
the good new is that you have a few weeks before work to figure this out.

You can do this and improve your health. You are already low carbing so it shouldn't be too hard to make a few more changes so that you are following the new restrictions.

Breakfast- cut out the bacon bits. have a cooked vegetable with your eggs.

Lunch- have the burger but eat it with a fork with some cooked onions and peppers.

Some of the most healing foods are stews and soups. If you make it from scratch you control the amount of sodium and then you have meat, cooked vegetables, and broth to drink for a few days and you can easily take it to work in a thermos.

I also cannot recommend a ronco rotisserie enough. You can make your own chickens in 60 mins, control the amount of sodium, and have meat to take to work in place of deli turkey.
Great advics - thank you! You wouldn't be able to point me to any of those soup/stew recipes, would you?
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