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How to Low Carb when everything is restricted?!

I restarted Monday and so far have lost 7 pounds (water, I know, but still). My fasting blood sugar has dropped from 223 to 85. I don't want to change my LC way of eating. Yesterday my family doctor said my diabetes type 2 has caused kidney disease and I now have to limit: protein, dairy (inc. cream, cheese, and butter), nuts, anything with sodium and potassium (as much as possible). Up til then I had been having one ounce of nuts every evening and a slice of cheese at lunch. I asked the dr. what I can eat and he said "lots of fruit and salad," except I can't eat fruit because I'm diabetic and all raw vegetables give me G.I. issues! And this coming from a man who says I should look up all my nutrition info on the internet. I know I have to be very good with food choices so I can improve my kidney function, and I read a study that said ketogenic (low carb, high fat) diets had wonderful results in mice with kidney disease BUT how am I supposed to follow that plan with such limited food choices?! PLEASE give advice if you have any...
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