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Originally Posted by WantToBeSlim View Post
I wish I could control myself on UD's. I have taken action and tried my hardest to stick to my allowance rather than having constant UUAD's. I did well for a week, this week (week 2) I have already had 2 UD's that were over by 300-500 calories .

I wake up on DD's feeling like I could eat the house but don't, I stick to my allowance. I wake up on UD's and don't feel hungry at all, I could take it or leave it but that part of me knows it's my UD and I can eat so I do and then it can get out of control from there. I find myself eating for the sake of it, not actually because I feel physically hungry.

I really don't know how I'll manage to keep in control, not even counting or counting before I eat works for me. I have counted and logged ALL calories that I eat and before I eat (on both up and down days) since I started in October... yet I still continue to go way over even though I know I will be way over and can see it in black and white.
This is how I did JUDDD for the most part but the diet still worked for me since I did very controlled DD's. I am working on the maintenance aspect at this time. Tried a few of the other IF plans and they did not work for me so I am EOD and working on getting those UD's under control and I have been Juddding for 13 months. You would have thought I could get a grip by now. Just taking it day by day until I get those UD's at 1600 calories rather than 2000+.
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