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Originally Posted by LindaSue
This sounds delicious and different. I don't think I've ever combined chicken and cabbage before, but I like the idea. I do have a few questions about your recipe though. I realize that this is the sort of recipe where amounts don't need to be precise, but I'm trying to figure out how to write up the recipe to try later and to enter it into MasterCook.

1. How many pieces of bacon do you use?
2. How much onion and bell pepper do you use and did you sauté it first?
3. What size container of sour cream are you using half of - 8, 16, 24 ounce?
4. How much chicken comes in the package you're using?
5. How many servings do you get?
6. About how long do you bake yours?
Girlfriend, I really don't measure too good..............
1) I actually used half a small package of Hormel bacon bits that you get on the salad dressing aisle. So it ended up not being alot. But if I were to cook some bacon to put in it, I'd use about a half package (what's that, like 5-6 slices or something?)
2) I don't sautee the onion and bell pepper first-- don't measure it. I get the frozen bag of 'seasoning veggies' that are onion and bell pepper. I just throw it in the pot with the ham and brown it down before adding the cabbage. I just add however much looks good...
3) I use half of a 16oz container of sourcream
4) I am not sure how much chicken it is cause I don't have anymore left to check... ok I just checked the Butterball website.. its a 10oz package
5) I'd guess about 8 servings
6) About 40 minutes baking time

I think this is one of those things you'll have to experiment with so you can get your exact measurements etc. I am FLATTERED that you, Linda Sue, are asking me about a recipe. WOW.
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