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We are all so different when it comes to what works for each of us,but here is what worked for me,at least partially:

many of my eating habits were formed during childhood.So for example,I used to have butter cookies and tea with my family in the afternoons.My parents passed away a few yrs ago.So whenever I was stressed,I would turn to butter cookies and tea.Once I realized I was equating relaxation with eating butter cookies,and trying to recreate the same safe,happy ,carefree part of my childhood,I was able to control my stress differently than with food.It took a while to 'relearn',but now I know I can relax without food.It wasn't easy at all,but with consistency,comes the results.
Starting weight:241 current weight:179 Goal:150ish
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mega goal : 170 : Combined weights of 3 pregnancies will be gone forever
mega goal : 150 :
mega goal : tone allover,close and repair my diastasis and hernia(down to 2" from 10")
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